Air Cooled vs. Water Cooled
Commercial Ice Machines

Consider these factors when choosing the right commercial ice machine that will benefit you and your type of business! (Pros/Cons)

Air Cooled:

  • Easiest to install, without professional help.
  • More cost effective.
  • Does not use much water; therefore they are more energy efficient.
  • Often used in commercial kitchens because of the high capacity output at a relatively low cost
  • Can heat up the air around it so the machine has to work harder especially in warmer climates. The hot air can become uncomfortable in the work setting.
  • Air cooled ice machines can be required in some areas with strict water conservation codes.
  • Can require ventilation.

Water Cooled:

  • Uses water to keep the ice and ice machine cool.
  • Water cooled ice machines run quietly and are also energy efficient
  • It does not raise the room temperature and can operate in hot environments
  • Good for small businesses with limited/closed space such as in a small shop or parlor.
  • Can cost more due to water prices
  • Water leaks may ruin the ice machine.
  • Local water conservation laws may prohibit the use of water-cooled units. 

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